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Author: Ann KullbergNumber Of Pages: 198Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing PlatformRelease Date: 05-02-2016Details: A Dream Team of colored pencil artists ready to teach you...200 pages of colored pencil portrait WOW! Everything you could ever dream of learning about portraits in colored pencil is in this single most remarkable volume.You could easily expect to pay hundreds to be taught by 29 top portrait artists, but not only is this book a combination of thousands of hours of experience and an absolute encyclopedia of numerous techniques - for the stunning depth and amount of instruction inside, it's also a steal.An impressive number of colored pencil brands, paper surfaces and dozens of styles and techniques can be found in Draw Colored Pencil Portraits - a true powerhouse of step-by-step instruction and eye-candy.What's Inside?- 11 complete portraits, each featuring 16 large, step-by-step colored pencil images and crystal-clear instruction.- 18 step-by-step colored pencil tutorials of specific portrait elements outlined in detail, like hair, eyes, facial hair, clothing and more.- 200 pages. Full Color. Soft cover.This all-inclusive book will transform your portraits from average to exceptional.CONTRIBUTING ARTISTS: Kate Clark, Noriko Dewitt, Brian Duey, Titika Faraklou, Lori Garner, Karina Griffiths, Christina Iotti, Nancy Jones, Christine Karron, Markus Klein, Cynthia Knox, Sharon Kow, Julie Podstolski, Sheila Theodoratos, Carol Maltby, Cindy Wider, Debra Yaun.No other book of this kind exists for colored pencil portrait artists - comprehensive, exhaustive compilation of techniques, pencil brands, surfaces and approaches. If drawing portraits is your thing, you'll find inspiration, instruction and at least a handful of valuable lessons that really resonate with you!EAN: 9781523475179Package Dimensions: 10.9 x 8.4 x 0.6 inchesLanguages: English

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